10 July 2012

hCG Weight Loss Protocol Day 1

I signed up for hCG Weight Loss Protocol last week at my doctor's office. I picked up my shots for 10 days and started my vitamin shot yesterday.
And this morning I gave myself 1st hCG shot.
I am supposed to eat whatever I want today and tomorrow.

On the way to work, I stopped by Dunkin Donuts got large decaf with cream and sugar, 5 glazed munchikins, then stopped by MacDonald got an Egg Mac Muffin with a hash brown.
I made myself eat everything.

For lunch, I picked up my son and went to Golden Corral together. It is perfect place to find what I should be eating today and tomorrow.

I just got back to my office and am feeling little sick from food...
I should be walking for 20 min. this evening when I get home before dinner.

I am not sure what I should eat for dinner. I don't want to think about food at the moment.

My goal is to lose 40lbs by end of this program. Well, actually that's what my doctor set as my goal. And hopefully, I can show you the best result.


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