19 July 2012

hCG Weight Loss Protocol Day 10

Well, well, well, through the struggle I managed to lose almost 10lbs in 10 days. How amazing.
Within the 10 days period, I was away from home for three days for my business trip.
Yes, I was starved to death. I called my doctor's office immediately and complained. They said they would be able to increase the dosage for hCG shot, but I had to wait till I returned to my home after three days.
I was miserable. I was so miserable and finally lost it.
Yes, this business trip was a nightmare. Every time I turned my head around, there were cookies, candies, chocolate bars, sodas, etc...
Plus, there was a Japanese steak house right by the hotel where I stayed.
Did I go there?
Did I cheat?

But I ended up losing almost 10lbs.

And I went to the doctor's office today, got a booster shot, and they did increase the dosage for my hCG shot. Hopefully, I won't feel hungry anymore.

I have 30 more days to go and 30lbs more to lose. Wish me luck!


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