29 June 2012

CoolSculpting Experience

After having two kids, I almost given up. I hit 40's and start having some health issues. Then I realized I had to do something. I would like to be around for my kids. 
I need to be healthy. For that reason, I know I should lose some weight. I lost self esteem because of my weight. I stopped taking pictures of myself some years ago. Then, I was introduced to CoolSculpting®, totally non-surgical treatment. 

What is CoolSculpting?
CoolSculpting uses a non-surgical fat removal treatment. No needles or lasers. You can get rid of your 'stubborn fat'. CoolSculpting freezes fat cells and destroy them. 

Are You Scared of Pain?
No worry. You can relax during treatment. You do not need to take pills, supplements or even downtime. 

How Long Does it Take To Get Rid Of My Fat?
You will see a noticeable reduction of fat after one office visit. It will takes a few months to be able to see the results. And you can maintain your figure with your normal diet and exercise.

Is it Going To Work?
Yes. Many people across the world have been treated. It is FDA-cleared. People see a 20-24% reduction after one visit. People gain their confidence, again.

Where Can I find a Doctor?
Do live in Charlotte area, visit here to find the local office. They launched their new "Let's Get Naked" campaign. You can view the campaign commercial on YouTube

CoolSculpting has an Ultimate giveaway. You could be a winner of a CoolSculpting treatment and a VIP trip to LA where you can stay at the most luxurious hotel. Please click below to enter the sweepstakes.

I will be in Charlotte area in July for business trip. I am seriously thinking about trying. After all, I have nothing to lose.

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* Patients should schedule an appointment for consultation with a doctor for the treatment options.

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