31 October 2012

Unreal But Real for Halloween

Nicky Bronner  who was 13 years old at the time who got into an argument over Halloween candy with his dad, Michael after finding out his dad had confiscated most of them. Why? Because candy was too unhealthy.
The move Nicky took next was unthinkable. Nicky was on a mission to make candy without artificial flavors and corn syrup.
Later, he teamed up with Adam who was inspired by Nicky's idea and a top chef in Spain to expand the project.

Later, Nicky's mission came true. UNREAL was born. This time, I was able to part of this movement.
I was asked to host an UNREAL Candy Party.
I decided to host the party on the popular candy night, Halloween.

My husband and I were ready to welcome the children in our neighborhood.

We had about 20 guests came by and tried Unreal candy. I asked each individual to vote for their favorite. And as I expected, "Peanut Butter Cups" won the 1st place. If you are chocolate lover, you might feel something missing. But consider this:

  • No Artificials
  • No Hydrogenateds
  • No Corn Syrups
  • No Preservatives
  • No GMOs
That's what you felt it was missing which is plus to your body. But most of children did not even noticed the difference from the popular brands. And we made some parents happy tonight.

I have replaced my kids' snack options with UNREAL because they are better for them. 

If you would like to purchase UNREAL candy, you can find them at CVS, BJ's Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, Haggen, Krogger, Michael's, Ralph's Rite Aid, Staples, Target, Top Food & Drug and Walgreens.

Learn more about how you can join the UNREAL Nation at http://getunreal.com/join-unreal-nation/.



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