09 May 2012

Virginia Beach Vacation

I love going to beach. Who doesn’t??? I grew up by the beach in Japan. I used to wake up with the sound of wave. I miss that so much.  It’s funny feeling I had the best thing in the world under my toes and did not even realize until now. 

I live in North Carolina Coastline, probably about 1 hour drive away from nearest beach. I can take my boys there on the weekend. But I would love to plan the perfect vacation. Destination? 

Virginia Beach.

I have visited there once before. It was during summer but I remember it was really crowded. Because we got together with my cousin from Japan to meet her boyfriend at the time, we only spend 1 day there. We did manage to walk around the beach for a few hours. But then we had to leave…
This time, I would like to spend several days there. And I am actually making plans for some activities.

  •  Building a sandcastle with boys (My boys might be too old for this but who cares!)
  • Challenging surfing for the 1st time (Taking surf lessons first, off course)
  • Visiting Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center (Must visit every aquarium nearby.)
  • Climbing to the top of the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse (I’ve never visited lighthouse before in my life)
  • Shopping (can’t forget that)

These are just a few examples. I will not be just lying down on the beach to get suntan, although it will be nice to be relax for a few hours.

I believe the best food comes from the ocean. It reminds me of my hometown. By ocean, you can find fresh seafood and veggies.
We love to enjoy good meal while our stay in Virginia beach. I know that we can find fine restaurants in Norfolk area. As the matter of fact, I found that there was a food tour. It is called "Norfolk Granby Street Food Tour". We can schedule our tour on Saturdays between 4:00 and 7:30 pm for $65.00.
Food Tour may include:
  • Local seafood specialties
  • Award winning chef's signature dishes
  • House smoked meat tasting
  • Award winning she crab soup
  • Fair trade organic coffee
  • Electic tapas created with locally sourced ingredients
  • Authentic Morrocan cuisine served at a 19th century carriage house
  • Locally brewed beers
  • Best and largest desserts in the city
Would you like to make a reservation for your family? Visit www.coastalfoodtours.com/norfolk.html for more details.

Also, don't forget shopping. (Who would forget?)
Virginia Beach has one of the largest mall on the east coast. We must visit Lynnhaven Mall. They have over 180 specialty stores.
Off course, we can walk around 40 blocks souvenir shops, surf shops, craft shops and all other different types of shops to enjoy shopping along with sightseeing.

Well, I am not sure one week is enough time to do all the activities. I wish we can stay longer. But one thing I am sure about is that my family and I will definitely have a great time together at Virginia Beach.

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