07 May 2012

Celebrity in Small Town

I live in the small town in NC called "New Bern". If you like to read love stories, "Nicholas Sparks" sounds familiar to you. He is the author of "Message in the Bottle", "The Notebook", "Dear John". Yeah, he is the love story guy.
I don't know why he decide to live in this small town. But he owns the private school in town. He holds many fundraising events to bring other celebrities to this town. I am pretty sure many people such our our major thanks to him for that.
However, I hear something negative about him from local people a lot like his neighbors, my son's friends, or people who got to know his family members.
Many of them said that Nicholas Sparks and his wife were not the nicest people in the world. Some of the children who attended his private school ended up coming back to public school. We all should know small town people talk. Because it's small town, the words spread very quickly.


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