22 October 2010

My Dream Job @ Home

This post brought to you by Ashworth College. All opinions are 100% mine.

I kept putting it off for a long time. Yes, I am talking about my education and career. I had some good excuses. My children and my job. I started working at a local community college as a secretary when my oldest child turned to 6 months. I had another boy 3 years later. Then I got promoted twice and became as an Assistant Registrar. It was tough. Both of my boys were diagnosed as ADD/ADHD, and we had some budget cut in my office. I had to work late many days. It was impossible for me to continue my education...

In order for me to take our Registrar's position, we are required to have at least Bachelor's. I know the job. I am handling everything daily. I know I am capable. However, because I only have an Associate degree, I am not even qualified to apply for this position if my boss retires. This is bad.

Also, I wanted to work from home for a long long time. I've done so many projects from home as a part-time. Off course we need to have Bachelor's degrees to get nice paying jobs. I looked up some local universities but they offer a very few online degree, and I could not find what I wanted.

Then I started to look up Online College to see if there are any degrees I would love to study. Usually, the tuition for online universities are too expensive, but I found that Ashworth College's tuition was 50% less than others. They even offer payment plan.

Have a look at Ashworth Video Gallery to see the available options!  According to Ashworth College Featured by National Education Report, Ashworth College is accredited by Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) Accrediting Commission.   

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