20 September 2010

New Season, New Shows for Fall

This post brought to you by TiVo. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yes, I have my favorites. I used to own DVR, but had to cut back because of our budget in our household. Well, I really did not like DVR anyway. I have several shows that I want to watch regularly. But I had to give up some because they come on at the same time on different channel. It was very frustrating.  Sure, I still could watch through internet with my 15 inch monitor on my laptop. But I rather watch the shows on my 42 inch TV. Then I met TiVo. It was like my dream-come-true. TiVo can do it all. It will find my favorite programs from "Smallville" to "Real Housewife". My favorite feature on TiVo is TiVo search. TiVo search will find anything I like not only on cable but even from Netflix or Youtube.

I have so many shows I want to watch in Fall TV. Especially, I can't wait till watch the final seasn on "Smallville".

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