22 September 2010

International Abduction

If you are an American and married to someone from another country, you could run into some problems when you spread up. Especially when you have children together.
You will hear so many stories like American children were kidnapped by their mother, and the fathers are asking for help thru social networking site like Facebook.
Off course, many people support the fathers because they only know the stories of the fathers' side.
What they don't know is THE OTHER SIDE.

Like this particular case, this mother is from Egypt. They claimed she kidnapped her OWN children to Egypt. When this couple were divorced, the father got the sole custody. The mother was given the limited and restricted visitation. More than likely, she was not allowed to take her children to her country at all. And these American fathers are not so innocent. Many of them were abusive. They pretty much take advantage of their ex-wives because those ladies were from another countries.
The sad part is that their children got caught up in the cross fire between their parent.
If these parents come to their senses and share the custody like they are supposed to, these incident could have prevented.
Don't get me wrong. I am not saying this particular father is like others. But this mother did what she did for a reason. She did not have any right in America.


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