04 October 2009

Child Abduction and Japan

I mentioned the incident about the Savoies on my other blog. I read so many articles, blogs and comments about the issue.
There are so many misunderstanding...
Whether you are American fathers whose Japanese ex-wife took your children to Japan or Japanese ex-wife who trapped in US because courts told ex-husbands to keep your children's passports, it will help them if Japan agrees to signs the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction.
Thanks to "Seattle Father" for the information.
My heart will go out to those fathers and mothers who are facing the situation like Seattle Father.
I am a Japanese mother of two boys. If I get divorce with my husband, going back to Japan with my children is not my option. I miss Japan sometimes but don't miss growing up there. I have my reasons. When my children get old enough and would like to know about Japan, they can visit their grandparents. My children do not speak Japanese.
Even now, we don't go to Japan every year like others. We can't afford to. Past summer we stayed with my parents for two weeks. I realized that Japan was no longer my home. Even my kids questioned some of the cultural differences.

Japan might be ahead of any other countries as far as technologies, but I believe they have a lot to catch up to do with modern world. I completely understand they honor and respect old traditions...and it is tough to make some changes. Japan has longer history than United States.


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