01 June 2009

Can't Stand Bullies

My 10-year old was telling my very disturbing story yesterday.
He has a classmate who get picked on all the time by a few kids. Last week, he witnessed that a boy just punched his friend's face. My son got upset and pushed this bully away.
Then he noticed that his friend was closing his eyes...He asked him why...and he told my son that he closes his eyes and just wishes to overwith...
Then my son started crying...and I started crying.
This is just unbelievable. No child have to feel this way. I wish his friend stands up for himself, but I completely understand if he can't.
I asked my son if he would be willing to talk to his teacher. He said he would. I also told him that those bullies might be mad at him and try to do something to him. He said he did not care. I was proud of my son, however, I felt like I had to do something.
I did send an e-mail to his teacher and hope for the best.


  1. your son is very brave to stand up for that child the way he did. hopefully he will keep this kind of character. if he does he will be a dynamic adult.

  2. Thank you. I certainly hope so.


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