25 June 2012

$100.00 GC from SavingStar

I received an e-mail notification from Michelle at SavingStar. She said I was the winner for taking their survey.


I've been entering the sweepstakes and started winning something. And when I read the posting from some other moms like me about their winning experience, it motivates me.
Because most of my friends think that it's a waste of time to even enter these sweepstakes. They think I am giving away my information to the company for their marketing purposes.

Well, that is part of it. But I believe they choose the winner and award the prizes to the winner.
And I believe I will win something big one day.

I've started getting serious about  sweepstakes since last year. It's a lot of work to enter many sweepstakes even with Robo Form.

I also tried to attend many Twitter Party to win the prizes.

I have not won anything from any blog giveaway yet, but I know it's coming.


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