18 April 2012

Ice Cream Truck

Is there any ice cream truck coming through your neighborhood? Is there older guy on the truck? Do you know who he is? Do you know anything about him?
I don't like the one coming through my neighborhood. He is such a jerk to kids. If adults are not there or close enough, he will treat kids bad. He is so rude to stuff.

I called the local office tried to file complaint against this business. But he was not registered. Because we are out of city limit, I found out that it was OK not to have a license to have an ice cream truck.
Most of the time, he won't even stop for kids. If he does not want to stop, why does he even drive through the neighborhood???
He always dress tank top and shorts like from 70's. My husband thinks that he is a child molester. He looks like one, too. I know where he lives though. He lives by my sister-in-law's house. I asked him if he lived the in the area where my sis-in-law lives, he replied no. Why did he even lie? Does he has something to hide???

I would not buy anything from this jerk. Because there is another ice cream truck started coming through. This time, it's a lady. She is so nice and all the children like her.


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