19 February 2012

Better Tool for Better Online Life

I used to use "toolbar" to manage my bookmarks online. I was able to save everything I needed there and access from anywhere. Well, time has changed. Now, none of the toolbar I used to use are not compatible with the web browser I constantly use.
I enter many sweepstakes daily. I have been struggling to save the daily entry sweepstakes on my bookmark for a while. I was still able to bookmark what I needed to my online bookmark tool but it wasn't easy. It was time consuming. Because it wasn't one click away.
Well, I just found the solution to my problem. I met clipix. With clipix, you can save whatever you like on the web just one click.
Clipix let you to maintain and organize your online life, and even share them with your friends and family if you choose to grant access to your clipboards.
You can create different groups by category to organize better.
It's easy. You can just add clipix button on your bookmark bar. Everytime you find something you would like to bookmark, just press the button to save it.

If you haven't tried clipix yet, hurry up and sign up today!
There is an iPhone App available for clipix that you should take an advantage to take all your clipboards to add new clips by taking pictures.
If you have tried, please let me know how you like it by leaving some comments on my blog.
I hope you will enjoy clipix as much as I do. Have fun!

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