30 March 2011

My Family Is Fine

My house was saved. My dad's boat was saved. Our workspace by the beach was completely destroyed. And my parents and my brother are OK.
My 2nd cousin who is in high school is still missing.
Her father has been out there everyday and looking for her. It is heartbreaking.
My mom told me my brother took the boat to the ocean before Tsunami hit to save it. She said he did not come home until next day.
Wow...it was 20 degree or lower at night there...
I am not talking about a big fancy boat. Ours is a smaller one.
I wonder if he saw something horrible out there.
Because they stay at their house, they don't get any supply. If they stay at a shelter, they would get fed three times a day...but they chose to stay home. Still no power or water...
I told them they could come to U.S. to stay with me. But they don't even have office for them to apply for their passport...


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