10 October 2010

QR Code

I was surprised at the fact that we do not use QR code thru cell phone here in the U.S. It's very common in Japan.
I wanted to download some Japanese ringtones but I could not because all the rigntone website in Japan send you the file with QR code.
And finally! There is the technology for this with iphones and android phones. Well, maybe it was available all along but it was not popular.
So, I recently renewed my contract w/AT&T. I purchased a new phone without thinking about this feature. Yes, I got me a wrong phone.

This is Samsung Flight. It's nice phone. But I realized this was not what I needed.
Since I have 30 days return period, I am going to switch with another phone.
This is the one I need.
I rather have iPod Touch than iphone. That will be a Christmas gift for myself. I have to go to the local store to exchange the phone.

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