12 June 2010

The Guy Who Yelled at Another Woman

This dad told me I needed to teach my children some manners when we were at the local public pool today.
He said my boys said something to his daughters.
When we were leaving, he called me out loud. "Mom!" Then he yelled "Don't you wanna know what your kids were doing!?"
Then, he was talking about how my kids should treat women...
I lost my word. He was showing exactly how he treated women in public by yelling at me.
According to other children, my kids just told those girls to stop splashing them. But those girls told their dad that my kids threat them or something.
I admit my kids could say something like that...but this time they did not.
I did not want to talk to him around all the children, but he did not stop yelling.
I was mad when I left there. But then I realized this guy pretty much showed others how he treated his women.


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