12 October 2009

Girls Are Sneaky

As you know I have two boys...7 and 10. Because I was a little girl once, I know how girls are. Boys get in trouble a lot because something girls did. If girls start crying, automatically it's boys' fault.
All these years, we as women have been trying to have equal rights...so don't ask me to tell you sorry because my son made your little girl cry. Don't use the sex for excuse. Most of the time, girls do fake crying, and girls do or say horrible things to boys. You need to find out what has happened before you blame someone else's children.
My child did not hurt your daughter. He was trying to get away from your daughter because she was the one who was hurting my son. I did not teach my kids to beat up somebody, but I teach them not to let anybody hurt them.
I want to say to this one mom in my neighborhood...
GET OVER IT! Your child is not an angel. Instead of sipping wine, smoking cigarette and trying to drive at the same time, and almost run over some children in our neighborhood, you need to get your life together, open your eyes and pay much more attention to your daughter!


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