12 September 2009


I found a friend of mine on facebook so I sent a message to make sure if it was him.
His response was..."Yes, I was in Japan. But please stop contacting me anymore. I don't want my wife to be worried..." and he blocked me.
I was shocked with his response to be honest...
I met him about 20 years ago. We dated a few times after we broke up our partners...his girlfriend or my boyfriend...
But then we got back with our partners. My friend told me he tried to get in touch with me after his relationship was completely finished. But I was in the relationship at the time. We've been a good friend for a long time.
Well, I know he dated with so many Japanese girls when he was in Japan...so I understand his wife might have felt insecure.
I am married, too! I am not interested in him that way. I just wanted to say "hello".
Anyway, my feeling got hurt a little.


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