23 July 2009

Parental Control

It is so hard to control what my children can see on the internet. When I put the parental control on the computer, literary I had to unlock their computer for everywhere they go because there are always something the program would detect porn related images...On the other hand, even the setup is on, I still get some uncomfortable images without warning. I think I need to try several different filtering programs to determine which one will suit my needs.


  1. I would like to make a suggestion. Try SafeSquid - Content Filtering Proxy, it is free. It accurately blocks access to web pages with unwanted keywords. It is smart enough to block educational, medical, news or discuss web pages.

    You can also enforce safesearch so that seach terms that result in explicitly sexual content is blocked.

    You can also block specific websites, or allow time-based access to them, so that children do not waste too much time on them.

    It's logs usage, but you have to use a log analyzer like Sarg to generate detailed drill-down reports.

    Also try PicBlock from cinchworks.com, it is free too.


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