10 July 2009

No More Summer Camp

My husband pulled our children out from the summer camp. My youngest was stepped over by couple kids today. A group of kids were running away from something, knocked my son down and kept running over his arm. His whole arm was covered by blues and scratches. Off course, camp counselors weren't watching and did not know what exactly happened. They did not call me to notify me. My husband found it out when he got there. Plus, this young counselor curses at children constantly. We knew it was a low-budget camp...but the quality of the counselors did not have to be that low. They are working with elementary schoolers...
Now, we had to find a babysitter or something. Luckily, my neighbor is able to watch them. She is like our community babysitter. She keeps neighborhood kids all the time. The best part is that my kids love her. We have less than a month until we leave for Japan. I just received my kids' passport today, so we are all set for the trip.
Next year, we need to save enough money to send them to a decent summer camp...if there is any.


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