30 June 2009

Argumentative Child

I snapped today...
I went to the supermarket to pick up a few things with my boys earlier today. As soon as we got to the store, my boys were just fighting. In the beginning I quietly told them to stop fighting...but they did not. I got louder because they just did not stop.
Since they did not pay me attention, I told them I was leaving. Immediately, my youngest one was following me, but my oldest one wasn't. I came outside the store and waited for him, but he did not come out. I went back inside to look for him, and I saw him by the other door.
I snapped. I wanted to leave him so bad.
My oldest one just does not get along with me. Sometimes, I can't stand him. Is it wrong to feel this way?
When he is on med, he does not argue with me...
But when he is not, he just constantly keeps pushing my button. Believe me, he knows exactly what he is doing. All his teachers would tell me he is so sweet. I just can't believe it because he turns into totally different child when he comes home. Sometimes, I get so upset because nothing works for him. He does not cooperate with me.
I told myself today...I would not take them to the store unless they take med. I got a serious headache this afternoon, and my blood pressure is sky high.


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